The mission of my company is to provide my clients with the most complete and accurate appraisals to fill their requirements. I endeavor to provide my clients professional documents and services in a timely, courteous and confidential manner. I promise to never lose sight of my position of trust and to represent my clients' best interest at all times in a professional manner.

Appraisals for all requirements:
Establish a value for insurance coverage or settlement disputes
Bankruptcy and Divorce proceedings
Charitable donations for tax receipts
Any reason an accurate market value is required

I specialize in classic automobiles and trucks from the early 1950's through the muscle car eral of the late 60's and early 70's. I also appraise vehicle from the 1980's to the present includeing custom and high preformace models. Your classic automobile represents a large investment in time and money. An up-to-date professional appraisal protects that investment. My expertise, experience and reference resources cover the North American market place for accurate and timely appraisal values.

Accreditted member of the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta
Accreditted member of Canadian Personal Property Appraisals Group
Appraisals for Award winning classic cars
Appraisals used in bankruptcy proceedings
Member of various Car Clubs and Associations
Involved in the collector car hobby/business for more than twenty-five years
Bound by the Code of Ethics of the SVAI of Alberta and CPPAG